We just came across a video that's a part of the T-Bird Show (which appears to be a lot of, "What is the deal with Hipsters?") The host ran into Adrian Grenier on the street in Williamsburg and gave him a little impromptu interview, which you can watch above.

Best quote from Grenier on how Williamsburg differs from Hollywood, "...no manicured lawns, things are a bit more grimey, a little more real. I was in Williamsburg before Williamsburg was Williamsburg. Yes, I was an innovator."

Grenier is spotted around town a good amount. Last year we actually had to become part of his "real life entourage" as part of a work assignment and we were happy to report how sweet and down to earth (or if you prefer: "grimey and real") he was - way more Brooklyn than Beverly Hills. On that note, we think Grenier should make a guest appearance on The Burg. Someone make it happen.