The MTA is bringing a little old school New York back underground, where they've installed a new exhibit featuring photos by Danny Lyon, who captured 1960s and 1970s NYC in vivid color after returning from other parts of America.

The photos on display were all taken in the subway system in 1966, when Lyon was 25 years old and living in a loft on the corner of Beekman and William Streets. Upon settling back into the city, he took this advice from his mother: “If you’re bored, just talk to someone on the subway.”

These photos have never been exhibited before, and can now be found inside the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center. Lyon told Co.Design, "Many of these pictures were made on a single night—New Year's Eve of 1966. That’s why one of the men is all dressed up, holding a party horn."

For more, check out Lyon's book, The Destruction of Lower Manhattan. The photos included were taken around the same time, but chronicle the area where the World Trade Center was about to go up, photographing nearly every building that was to be replaced by the coming Center.