We cannot fix the subways (I mean, someone can, but that someone is not us). What we can do is bend your mind to help you perceive the crumbling transit system differently, as beautiful just the way it is. Nothing is better for that than a Norwegian Slow Television treatment, as we've discovered in the past. This is best captured from the front of the train, and that's exactly what we have here, shot by DJ Hammers, who says, "For those curious about how I shot this, some of the older cars (R32s) which run on the A line have passenger-accessible front windows. They provide a great view of the tracks ahead!"

In the video, shot in 2018, you can take a smooth, real time journey along the A line, from Inwood - 207th Street to Rockaway Park - Beach 116th Street, with a huge payoff in Queens, where the track sits above a body of water, boats and jet skis hopping around on either side. This kind of ride really highlights the beauty of where we live, too—we're able to transport ourselves from the chaos of Manhattan, to a beachy seaside of Rockaway, simply by hopping on the subway.

Please enjoy 100 minutes of riding the subway. Seriously. The reviews are great.

"Soothing!" — Gothamist

[h/t Reddit]