Our technology news prayers have been answered: Our good friend Peter Rojas has launched a new technology weblog, engadget in partnership with Weblogs, Inc.. This move allows Peter to fulfill his dream of obsessively blogging about gadgeteria ALL THE TIME for the geeks. God bless you, Peter, and may the slickly designed, tiny, silver objects with high resolution displays shine upon you.

Peter gives his first interview with Andrew Krucoff's Young Manhattanite Interview: "Well, Gizmodo was fun, but it was never meant to be more than a part-time job with part-time pay. I figured if I was gonna spend my Saturday nights at home blogging about gadgets I should probably either get paid a lot more to do it or be my own boss so I'd have no one to blame but myself when I'm broke. So now the future is Engadget.com." And when asked what he'd change about NY, he answers, "The weather. The humidity totally ruins my hair."

Sexy photo of Motorola's MPX300 Pocket PC Phone. And there's some hoo-haw about Jason Calacanis vs. Nick Denton [via Jason himself - not much explanation but many links] and the fight to make money off of blogging.