Foxy Brown was sentenced to three years probation for attacking employees of Bloomie Nails back in 2005. You may recall that in August Brown pleaded guilty to the assault, but then tried to take it back. Brown continued to plead her innocence, claiming her original lawyer had "rushed" and "coerced" her. The NY Times had a funny exchange between Brown (real name: Inga Marchand) and the judge:

Ms. Marchand, 27, said she pleaded guilty only because her lawyer at the time, Robert Kalina, told her that if she did not, she might have to spend a night in jail. (In the small-world category, Mr. Kalina was Mr. Smith’s [Busta Rhymes's] lawyer yesterday.)

Ms. Marchand said she had hired a new lawyer, Franklin Rothman, and wanted him to reargue the case. She is accused of striking two workers at a Chelsea manicure salon in August 2004 in a dispute over payment.

“I know that I am innocent,” Ms. Marchand told the judge. “I have a lot of faith in God.”

“How are you innocent?” Judge Jackson asked.

Ms. Marchand seemed at a loss for an answer, but Mr. Rothman said that if any blows were exchanged, his client had acted in self-defense.

Unmoved, Judge Jackson sentenced Ms. Marchand to three years’ probation and anger management counseling, and authorized orders of protection for the two manicurists.

Brown blamed the judge for not liking the hip-hop community or entertainers, but maybe the judge was annoyed because Brown's right boob kept coming out of her top - judges can be very touchy! Anyway, she had a great time with reporters, bragging that her purse cost $10,000, clarifying that her toenails were fuschia, explaining she was on her way to bible study after the studio, and saying she would appeal the case.

Also at Criminal Court yesterday: Busta Rhymes, who refused a plea deal in the August incident where he allegedly kicked a fan in the head after the fan spit on his car (nice fan!). The judge ruled that the prosecutor in Rhymes' case could not enter a misdemeanor weapons charge (there was a machete in the car at the time), and Rhymes told a courtroom sketch artist, "I love it when you make me look good."

Photograph of Foxy Brown outside the Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday by Louis Lanzano/AP