Amy Krouse Rosenthal's book, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, should make everyone realize that their so-called boring lives are pretty interesting (the book is made up of entries based on Rosenthal's observations and own life, like what can happen when you introduce a friend to another friend). But what Gothamist loves most is the found-book scheme she's concocted:

Between January 25th and February 1st, in Chicago, New York and San Francisco, hundreds of copies of Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life will be intentionally left in places like newspaper boxes, the subway, restaurant bathrooms, laundromats. Each book is inscribed with a note from the author, and the finder is encouraged to report back to this very spot and share with us when and where he found the book.

Rosenthal did a test run of this experiment; you can see the film here. Gothamist is a big supporter of sharing reading materials; we'll leave books at airports when we're done, as we'll leave a magazine on a bench on the subway platform. We love to pay it forward.

And Rosenthal reads in the cafe at Coliseum Books tonight, at 6:30PM.