Thousands of flights were cancelled, millions of commuters inconvenienced, one taxi drove on the sidewalk, and innumerable hands were wrung in guilt over whether to order from Seamless, but it was all worth it. This morning the sun is shining and the city awakens to a snow-swept winter wonderland, with sparkling arctic fairies alighting on corgis' noses to bless them as they frolic in the perfectly fake powder of Central Park. Here are some of the first best photographs to emerge from New York City's dazzling transformation. Enjoy them now before it all turns to grey soot-encrusted filth.

If you want to share a particularly exceptional photograph of the snowbound city, send it over, but please be selective. As you can see, the bar is set pretty high, and we're only going to be adding a few more photos.

And here's some artsy video from Morningside Heights:

Morningside Heights: 1-21-14 from Sean Patrick Cain on Vimeo.