A little low-budget indie called Tron: Legacy 3D is set to open on December 17th; it concerns the pernicious impact video games have had on two generations of increasingly apathetic, schizoid Americans. This art house experimental flick is sure to alienate audiences and go straight to DVD, so if you're kind of aesthete who insists on seeing such things in the cinema, you might want to buy tickets now. They are currently on sale, and tickets are still available for the best (and only large scale) IMAX theater in town, Loews Lincoln Square. You may recall that when Avatar opened and it was a real headache trying to get to the Loews IMAX, so strike now if the hype machine has you in its tentacles, like us. To tide you over, here's the Tron: Lebowski trailer mashup:

Did you know Jeff Bridges had some reservations about taking his iconic role in The Big Lebowski? [SPOILER: He was worried about his daughters seeing their daddy as a burnout.]