phpuHcfL0PM.jpgSure, photos of the Real World cast have seeped onto the internet, but now one blogger has gotten up close and personal with them, seeing what the walking MTV clichés are really all about. She reports back (with video!), attending a loft party this weekend in the neighborhood: "from what I could tell, there was a normal, apple-pie girl (the one going out with the guy who lived in the party loft) who had a weird different name like Been or Bien or Bash or something; there was a queen-y, tall, black guy who was making a dramatic Blackberry phone call outside, presumably to one of the other roommates; an alterna-girl with styled, black hair who seemed to be short on patience and long on attitude; and there were a few diminutive, run-of-the-mill fratties with Gotti-boy hair." Also, one of them did Jäger bombs before he got there. Really, MTV? It's like you aren't even trying anymore.