Today Sony announced that after bowing to threats from hackers and pulling The Interview from theaters before it even premiered, they would allow it to be screened after all, if only at select theaters. Here in New York City, no theaters have stepped up to give it a home yet, but the Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers announced midnight screenings Christmas through New Year's Day (only New Year's Eve the screening will be moved up to 10:35 a.m.). UPDATE: Williamsburg Cinemas have also added the movie to their lineup, starting Christmas Day.

A rep at Sunshine Cinema told Bedford + Bowery that they have “no plans to play The Interview. Our theaters have been fully booked for months as there is an enormous amount of film already in the marketplace in addition to six new films opening on Christmas Day. It would never occur to us not to honor our existing commitments to our distribution partners during one of the busiest times in the year.” This seems to be the sentiment with most other theaters in the city as well.

The President responded to today's decision through spokesman Eric Schultz, who said: “The president applauds Sony’s decision to authorize screenings of the film. As the president made clear, we are a country that believes in free speech, and the right of artistic expression. The decision made by Sony and participating theaters allows people to make their own choices about the film, and we welcome that outcome.”

There will also be a live reading of The Interview at The Treehouse Theater in Chelsea.

James Franco and Seth Rogen, the movies' stars, also responded to the decision, with Franco needling Obama for mispronouncing his last name—on Instagram, he captioned this photo: "The Interview starring Seth Rogen and James Flacco saved by President Obacco!"