First, there was Laguna Beach, then came The Hills, and now spin-off numéro trois: The City. That's right, Manhattan is getting it's very own MTV scripted "reality" show, complete with Hills alum Whitney Port and some dude who says he's a "downtown hipster, i wear a fedora." A blurb about the series paints the picture of "a whole new world" for the 20-something, "as she packs up and moves to the bright lights of Manhattan...taking a huge chance at a brand new life." (Doesn't this just make you want to listen to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" at max volume?!) The network also divulges that she'll be working at Diane Von Furstenberg's design house, and her sidekicks will include "a best friend from her past and a guy she's head-over-heels for." Take a look at the trailer, which will surely make you long for the days of Sex and the City.

As one Livejournal scribe declared: "Oh my god oh my god oh my god. I can't wait it looks so fucking good. Dec 29th Bitches"!