Just from watching the ads, NBC's new show The Cape looks pretty uninspired. Wronged cop goes undercover as a superhero to take the law into his own hands after learning stunts from circus folk? Too close to Batman with Dick Grayson's backstory. But to promote the show, NBC plans to drape several Brooklyn statues with red capes in order to generate some buzz for the show. Because the show takes place in Brooklyn Palm City. And we can just ignore that The Cape's cape appears to be blue.

Statues like the one of Rep. James Samuel Thomas Stranahan at Grand Army Plaza will don the red capes for five days starting on Wednesday, and Community Board 6 supports the stunt. They wrote, “In anticipation of the show’s focus on heroism, this is a first-of-its-kind campaign to highlight historic statues from around the city." Like that of renowned gynecologist Alexander Skene, or perhaps these guys. Normally promotion stunts just resort to confusing tourists on the subway, so this might be a step up. Can we at least get them to spruce up Gertrude Stein?