Nerds, rejoice? Lucasfilm has announced that it will be releasing all six Star Wars films on Blu-ray DVD by fall of next year. The box set will be the first time the films will be offered in an HD home format, and will include documentary features and unseen footage. But the question on every lightsaber-wielding fan's lips is whether or not Han will shoot first (or really, if Han is the only one who shoots) in this edition. What do you have to say, Lucas?

In a word, no. Lucas told the Times that the idea of releasing the "original" films on these DVDs is "kind of an oxymoron because the quality of the original is not very good...It’s a very, very expensive process to do it. So when we did the transfer to digital, we only transferred really the upgraded version." Instead, the DVDs will contain the CGI additions made in the 1997 re-release, complete with Greedo shooting Han and a redundant interaction between Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt.

So will fans ignore the controversial changes in favor of the quality of the films? That's to be determined, but The HD Room smells a money-making ploy. "It sounds more like Lucas is putting additional dollars into supplemental materials now and will revisit the 'original' trilogy a few years down the road —say 2015 or so—to re-energize the franchise/brand after making loads of cash off the first Blu-ray set."