0806sexshoe.jpgA shoe boutique on Long Island is causing some controversy with their Sex and the City signage. Newsday reports that Steven Dann, owner of the shop in Great Neck Plaza, is offering items seen in the movie -- shoes, belts and bags with hefty price tags reaching the $4,000 range.

Cashing in on the movie is fine, but he placed a sign in his window that read: "Who's having sex in this city? Either way you need the shoes." Next thing he knew, he had a violation with his name on it.

On June 3, the village sent Dann a violation stating that he had installed vinyl lettering on his storefront without a proper permit. While Dann had never filed for permission to post a sign in the past, the village's board of trustees demanded that the lettering be removed.

Dann, along with some other shop owners, had never heard of the permit approval process for putting up a sign; he told Newsday, "It's just an excuse because somebody found it offensive. ... Everyone who passes by calls or stops in to say the window is amazing." The board noted that, even though citizens complained about the "offensive" language, the only thing they disapproved of was the neon coloring. To date, Dann is holding strong by his pink lettering and leaving the sign in the window. And if you're looking for a place to purchase Samantha's Giuseppe Zanotti crystal fishbone shoe, as worn in the movie, they're waiting for you in Great Neck for just under a grand!

Pictured: A Manhattan shoe purveyor gets the movie title wrong; photo via leanneh's flickr.