0805satcpress.jpgWith the Sex and the City movie just 10 days away from release, the film is finally getting some press. While early reviews are panning Parker & Co's big screen effort, there's still, apparently, a lot of interest and a lot to talk about.

The NY Times likens the fandom of the stiletto set to that of the light sabers crowd. Advanced tickets are being bought in bulk for opening night, flights are being booked to see the Big Movie in the Big City, fabulous outfits are being carefully chosen, and the term "girl's night out" is likely being overused in emails. Special tours have even been created for the Sex-crazed.

In Manhattan, On Location Tours sold out 300 tickets, at $130 each, for a special 10-hour tour of “Sex and the City” hot spots. The night peaks with a group viewing of the movie at a reserved theater auditorium in Midtown, followed by a party at a club in Chelsea.

Not everyone is feeling the love, however, something that was all but shouted from the cover of a recent Time Out NY (pictured). Variety chimed in calling the 2 ½ hour romcom "half-hearted," alluding that one cannot, in fact, go home again; while the Hollywood Reporter echoed the sentiments, saying the movie was filled with too much of a glossy Manhattan, and not enough s-e-x.