There's a new Brooklyn-based show, Younger, coming from... TV Land. Starring Sutton Foster (we still miss Bunheads), the show centers around a kind of cringe-worthy plotline wherein her character, Liza, feels the need to lie about her age in order to get the things she wants in life. So instead of being comfortable in her late 30s, she's knocked her age down to 26—this is an effort to further both her career and love life. The pilot just went up on Amazon Prime, about a month before its release, so we checked it out to see what kind of Brooklyn we're dealing with here.

There's Two Broke Girls Brooklyn, which is A FUCKING FANTASY. And there's Girls Brooklyn, which is actually quite realistic. At least in the first 22-minutes, we're dealing with a realer deal than usual. The show did actually film on location in the borough, though the only substantial glimpses we get of it in the pilot are inside of a bar, and on a sidewalk. What else do we get?

We get Debi Mazar (who lives in Brooklyn IRL) playing the best friend, and Hilary Duff (new Brooklynite IRL) playing the coworker.

We get some cliche dialogue about the borough: "I moved to Brooklyn because I couldn't afford Manhattan. And now thanks to all of these bearded cheesemongers and chicks that look like Macaulay Culkin, I can't afford Brooklyn."

We get a Lena Dunham mention: "Last week I tattooed the inside of Lena Dunham's ass cheeks... she said that she wanted to keep something private."

And unsurprisingly, we get Darren Star as the creator of the show... that's the man behind 90210, Melrose Place, and Sex and the City. So now we get to see what Star's version of Brooklyn really looks like... a bonus to this is that Patricia Field, who dressed Carrie & Co., is on board as costume consultant.