Mayor Bloomberg might not think we have a rat problem (even if East Village parents heartily disagree) but soon the whole country will learn a whole lot more about our massive rodent population. Starting next month Animal Planet will be airing a six-part reality series called Rat Busters NYC, about the Magic Exterminating company, which deals with pests across the five boroughs (and Long Island).

Details are few but the show will follow the company's two managers, “a comedic dynamic duo with a brother-like kinship, as they tackle rat families bigger than their own, and other metropolitan pests like roaches, mice, bedbugs, raccoons and pigeons,” according to the network. It'll premiere Friday, August 26 at 10 p.m.—because who doesn't love settling down after a long week at work to watch a show about all the rodents and pests and creepy crawlies in the walls. It'll be like The X-Files never made the move to Sunday nights!

Anyway, we have high hopes for this. Considering all the rats in town (Subway rat! Rat man! Sad rat! KFC rats!) they certainly won't have a shortage of stories to tell. The question is, will they also show the cuter side of rats?