In other musical news that is as opposite to the American Psycho: The Musical as possible, the beloved Irish indie film, Once, has a stage adaptation in the works, too. According to Arts Beat, producers have decided to open a "downtown production at New York Theater Workshop in November, with Broadway a possibility after that, according to executives involved with the show."

The 2007 film, written and directed by John Carney, was about a vacuum cleaner repairman by day/Dublin street busker by night (Glen Hansard)—"The Guy"— and his relationship with a Czech immigrant (Marketa Irglova)—"The Girl"—who sells flowers and paper on the street. After realizing that she can sing and play the piano, the street busker decides to enlist her help and cut a demo of his work for record labels. Of course, they fall in love...but little is ever said or done about it. Karen Wilson also wrote here, "In the best sense of the word, Once is a consummate musical where the songs allow the characters to express their emotions and longing for each other in a way that mere words never could."

One of the producers of the stage musical, John Hart, told Arts Beat, "Our team led by John Tiffany found that we could tell a story that still honored the film but was also very distinct and enriched, as a stage musical, in ways that films aren’t," and said they were happy with a workshop earlier this spring, "I don’t think there’s any fixing to do, nothing specific, but we want to take our time and put it before audiences and critics at the New York Theater Workshop to get a clear sense of what we have."

Hansard and Irglova also won the Oscar for Best Song (you may remember Irglova being cut off during the acceptance speech, only for host Jon Stewart to have to come out again to finish her speech) for "Falling Slowly":