Kanye West is running for president in 2020, a move that makes perfect sense considering the only prerequisite for candidacy is an enormous ego. Millennials have long since accepted that they would one day be ruled by Yeezus, but now the olds are getting hip to West's reign, and something called a "magazine" put a cool drawing of the F*U*T*U*R*E on their cover:

The cover, drawn by cartoonist Barry Blitt, is a reference to a famous 1948 photo of Harry Truman, who holds an edition of the Chicago Tribune that erroneously declares Thomas E. Dewey the president-elect. You can learn more about both of these people on Wikipedia, but note that they are very boring and have never had Twitter meltdowns.

Anyway, it appears that Mr. Blitt is trying to mock 'Ye (and humanity), but there's no reason to believe he can't ascend to our nation's highest throne. (The president gets a throne, right?) If Americans are clamoring for presidential candor, you can't do better than Kanye; he understands the battleground states, and he seems to be interested in pursuing relations with the Middle East. Not to mention how seamlessly his and Kim's aesthetic will fit in once Trump has the White House repainted gold.

Anyway, you have to pay to read the rest of this website made of paper, but if you do you get a free tote!