In season two of Bored To Death, George (played by Ted Danson) struggles to caption a New Yorker cartoon, which portrays a police duck interacting with a suicidal bear. Jonathan Ames told us, "The reason why I wrote it into the show last year was because I've failed at the caption contest myself a number of times." (And he's not alone, recently Zach Galifianakis opened up about his own rejections.)

So, we asked New Yorker cartoon contributor Carolita Johnson to sketch us up some scenarios for Ames & Co. to caption... and only Ames was fearless enough to take a stab at them (at least one cast member was heard saying it was "too hard," but we won't name names). Click through for his entries. And leave your own captions in the comments.—we'll pick the best one and give the winner a special mystery prize! (No, it's not a big fat bag of weed... OR IS IT?!)