2005_07_naveen.jpgDesperate Housewives and Will & Grace both received 15 Emmy nominations today, proving that like every other awards organization, Gothamist just doesn't jibe with the voters. Sure, we're happy that Arrested Development, Scrubs, and Lost got some recognition. But there is no love for programs we'll actually stay at home to watch: Veronica Mars, Nip/Tuck, Gilmore Girls. Even The O.C., which faltered last season - you have to give Peter Gallagher some credit. And why won't the Academy acknowledge the brilliance of America's Next Top Model? But of course we'll watch because Gothamist we can't wait to see the expressions of the Desperate Housewives that don't win.

Check out the nominations here at the Emmys. Think about the beauty of a TiVo. And thankfully, Allison Janney (who we do love) wasn't nominated this year, so there's no chance she can humiliate Mariska Hargitay again.