Gothamist doesn't know why we bothered with the 2005 Emmy Nominations because they were boring, except that we're ruthless TV watchers and awards show fiends, so we're painted into the corner. The actors, actresses, and programs nominated were all fine and very talented, but it's the same crew every year! James Gandolfini...Allison Janney...The West Wing...Will & Grace - which wasn't even as good as the subpar non-nominated Friends this past season...four writing nominations for the Sopranos...blah blah blah. David Chase has a death grip on the Academy, even with Cousin Tony! This is almost as bad as when Helen Hunt and Candice Bergen would...keep...winning...even after their characters and shows lost steam seasons ago. There was even a posthumous nomination for John Ritter! Yes, he's a great comic talent, but come on. There needs to be a way for newer shows to get their feet in the door, like Nip/Tuck, The Gilmore Girls, The O.C., and Scrubs. But here are some nominations we were happy about:


- Nominations for Joan of Arcadia in best drama and best actress, Amber Tamblyn.
- Nomination for best actor in a televion movie for Mos Def in Something The Lord Made
- Nomination for best actress in a comedy for Bonnie Hunt in Life with Bonnie - now cancelled
- Nomination for best supporting actress in a drama for Drea De Matteo in The Sopranos - nothing like going to Joey with an Emmy in hand
- Nomination for Colonial House for best reality program (non-competition)
- Nominations for Arrested Development for best comedy, writing in a comedy series, and best supporting actor, Jeffrey Tambor
- Nomination for Chappelle's Show for best variety, music or comedy show (writing as well)
- Finally, the nomination for our friend Justin Kirk's performance in Angels in America. Ba-kawk!

The big Emmys show will be on September 19, hosted by Garry Shandling on ABC.