Still have some questions about Ryan Gosling breaking up that NYC street fight earlier this week? There are so many answers on the internet! First off, US Magazine talked to a witness that had the real story, saying, "There is a man who sells paintings [that] he makes on that corner. This older man ran by him and tried to grab and run away with one of his paintings. The painter was able to stop him before he took off with him and tackled him to the ground." Yawn, not enough Ryan Gosling in that eyewitness account, but it gets more interesting when Our Hero steps in...

"Before it got too violent a stranger appeared to separate them. [The stranger] was Ryan Gosling! He was trying to understand the situation while keeping them from hurting each other." Too violent? Let's be honest, this was an older gentleman who lifted a painting in broad daylight in Astor Place. Things were probably not going to escalate beyond a slap fight. But anyway, the story must go on. And it does.

Eventually the man told Gosling that the stolen painting was $10, at which time "Ryan gave him a $20 and said, 'Does this cover what the man owes you?' The painter thanked him and said yes. Ryan said good, and continued on his way." So the real story here is that Ryan Gosling enables art capers, right?

Then these two guys tracked down the woman, Valerie, who filmed the whole thing go down, and basically she confirms the story, says that it happened in June, and also she is pissed at TMZ. Watch it below: