We're now thismuchcloser to a Mad Men/Arrested Development universe crossover: Roger Sterling, aka silver-haired actor John Slattery, will appear in multiple episodes of the resurrected shows' long-awaited 4th season on Netflix. Considering that AD has always had fun paying homage to actors' previous roles (like Scott Baio taking over for Henry Winkler as the family's lawyer), we'll now spend the rest of the day imagining all the possible ways the Mad Men universe might be referenced: maybe Sal can emerge from Central Park and audition for the Blue Man Group?

And Slattery will likely not be the only new character coming aboard: members of Comedy Central's "Workaholics" have already tweeted pictures of themselves on set. And executive producer and narrator Ron Howard told MTV that there are a lot of new things up ahead.

"Mitch isn't trying to recreate something," Howard said. "It's been away for a while, and part of the fun that Mitch has been mining and exploiting is, what's new to discover about these people? What's delightfully unchanged? He and the writing staff and the actors have a fantastic sense of that. They're pretty brazen, pretty bold and fearless. That's what made the show into something that fans really kept alive."

Also, in case the on-set photos of Segway-driving George Michael haven't been enough to convince you that Arrested Development, really, truly is coming back, Howard added: "I visited the set last week. It's a blast over there. Mitch Hurwitz has such a remarkable, creative voice. It's the perfect set of actors to bring it to life. I'm so glad it's back. I'm a fan, too. The scripts are hilarious."