During the great Mad Men drama of early 2011 we learned that the show would go on, eventually, but with two minutes shaved off in order to save some of the cast, or put more money in Matthew Weiner's pockets, or whatever. Were you actually upset about losing two minutes of face time with Don Draper & Co.? Well then, good news, those minutes are back.

Cinemablend reports on the newly saved minutes, saying, "Weiner seemed very pleased to announce the change (or change back, rather) during the Emmy Elite Showrunners breakfast ... 'I don't know how they managed to make that work out ... It was a lot of worry. I'm so thrilled.'" Season 5 will likely air starting in March next year.

Does this mean Breaking Bad will get money from their cut budget back, and The Walking Dead will see the return of showrunner Frank Darabont? No. No it doesn't. But you get 120 more seconds of face time with Christina Hendricks.