Suggestions that Harry Potter actress Emma Watson might attend Columbia University in the fall sent a collective shiver through the campus' online community today. Columbia alumnus-founded gossip blog posted a piece shortly before noon speculating that an entry in the school's online phone directory might belong to the 19-year-old starlet, who had toured the college last October. An hour later, Columbia's student-run Bwog picked up the story and set off a frenzy among the students. Comments on the site and Facebook statuses quickly popped up to rejoice in the news—"Emma Watson at Columbia??? Columbia - 19078096 Other Ivies - 0"—which only got worse as other gossip sites began re-posting JustJared's scoop. Their bubbles may be bursting, though, as it seems the directory entry may actually match a different Ms. Watson, and the actress herself has yet to confirm. But fortunately for Columbians, even if their hopes for NYU-style undergraduate celebrity fail to apparate, they can always return to their old pastime: stalking James Franco in the university library.