Law & Order's series finale was last month, but the sets at Chelsea Piers are still standing and here are some photographs of the interior sets—the Manhattan DA's office, the squad room of the 2-7, the court room—in nostalgic black and white.

The long-running drama was cancelled by NBC but producer Dick Wolf suggested he wanted to bring it back. There were rumors TNT might be interested in picking up the show, but the cable network said it wasn't interested in Season 21 (it probably doesn't want to be the network that takes NBC's scraps—hello, Southland—which makes us wonder if DirecTV would pony up for the show, the way it did for Friday Night Lights).

Still, even though the show is over, the crew hasn't been asked to dismantle the sets yet, giving us a little hope. Sure, there are 20 seasons of Law & Order to look back at, but we wouldn't mind seeing what headlines are ripped for a new season (Times Square bomber! South Street Seaport concert riot! The sexy banker!).

Photographs courtesy of William Klayer