We’ve already expressed our sentiments on controversial comic Sarah Silverman, whose racist, off-colored jokes often shock you into laughter or completely offend you. Silverman’s new movie, Jesus is Magic, combines her outrageous-character driven and hilariously distasteful standup routine with comedy sketches and poppy (though lukewarm funny) Adam Sandler-esque musical numbers, boasting such lyrics as “I love you more than Jews love money/ I love you more than Asians are good at math.”

While it feels more like an HBO comedy hour than a traditional film, Silverman mostly succeeds at carrying the film herself with such topics as AIDS (“when G-d gives you AIDS, make lemon-aids!), image issues ("people are always introducing me as 'Sarah Silverman, Jewish comedienne.' I HATE that! I wish people would see me for who I really am - I'm white!") and of course, Jesus (“I'd [kill him again] again in a second if I heard those Birkenstocks padding up behind me"). You might feel guilty for laughing, but you’ll probably still laugh. However, this film isn’t for everyone -- especially those particularly sensitive about racial slurs, genocide, hunger, 9/11, and visualizing Jimmy Kimmel naked.

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