One of the many things the cast is banned from doing while in Italy: hot-tubbing with David.

Is Italy in defense mode as the threat of the Jersey Shore cast infiltrating the country gets more and more real? Their latest situation is two-fold. First, permits have been yanked from shoots planned at both Uffizi gallery and Palazzo Vecchio. According to RadarOnline, the boys were all filming their airport arrival scenes (The Situation even warned: "Watch Out Italy!" via Twitter) when they were stopped in their tracks and told to "hang back." However, TMZ is now reporting that they're simply staying put because the President of Italy is coming to Florence, which would create too much chaos for shoots, so they're only hanging back until he leaves later this week.

Previously, Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi delivered a list of rules the cast had to follow while on his turf (including no drinking during filming!), and a local university has warned students to stay away from the cast when they're in town.

Meanwhile, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is still waging his war against the show, recently saying during an interview, “They parachute these people onto the Jersey Shore and try to make America think these are Jersey people, and they’re not. They’re New Yorkers. They ought to take them out to Montauk, all the way out on the point, and leave them there. And don’t drop bread crumbs, so they can’t find their way back.” (Someone needs to tell Christie that two cast members are definitely from New Jersey.)