Even though it's almost entirely filmed out in Los Angeles, How I Met Your Mother does a pretty great job of portraying the city and its inhabitants—with episodes introducing us to the cockamouse and zeroing in on when someone's a real New Yorker. So, it only makes sense that the character Ted Mosby, who plays an architect-turned-professor, has a Rate My Professor page. There are actually a few (over at NYU he's got a 4.3), but on the show he teaches at Columbia, where students have given him a 4.4 for "overall quality."

There are hundreds of comments on the page for Professor Brosby, including a nod to the length of the series: "He talks a lot, some of his stories feel like it takes him 7years to tell."

The show returned with a new episode last night, focusing on Lily and Marshall's housewarming, but the good news is that the two may be coming back to NYC, after banishing themselves to the Long Island 'burbs, according to TV Guide.

Oh and, Jason Segel, if you ever do film an episode here, we made you a sandwich tour. It's not a song but it's all we've got.