In the latest season of House of Cards (which hit Netflix on March 4th), there's a scene showing Governor Will Conway on a pier in New York City delivering a speech. We'll keep this spoiler-free aside from telling you the pretty insignificant detail that these photos sort of give away anyway: he's running for President on the Republican ticket.

Speaking to his supporters, the viewer gets a backdrop featuring the Brooklyn Bridge. At first glance it seems the speech is taking place on one of the piers in Brooklyn Bridge Park, which sits in the shadows of the iconic bridge. But then... where are those ships docked in the background? And where is the bridge... going? It almost seems to be angled to run along the river, parallel with the coastline.

This appears to be some version of Brooklyn's waterfront that was scotch-taped together in post-production—there's no realistic logic to any of it, yet we still want to put the puzzle together. Are we in Red Hook? The Navy Yard? The South Street Seaport? WHERE IS THE BRIDGE GOING? And how much is rent in this new, undiscovered industrial neighborhood?

Update: The scene was shot in Baltimore, with the Brooklyn Bridge added later:

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