0809bendelgirl.jpgGossip Girl is officially back, with their new season premiering last night. There were British lords, Hamptons parties, people who aren't rich getting looked down upon by people who are rich (as well as other cookie cutter plot devices), and a number of puns involving Chuck Bass's name. Now, to insure an absolute takeover, the show has stepped off the small screen and invaded the windows of Henri Bendel. Racked reports on the 5th Avenue display, noting, "By our count, it looks like the display features two Blairs, one Serena, one Little Jenny Humphrey, and one dark-haired other girl." Give them one more season and they'll be slumming it with their own H&M designs. Bendel's has been one of the many NYC locations used in the show--it was where Dan spied Serena in the very first episode!