The cast of God of Carnage, a new play by Yasmina Reza opening next month on Broadway, sounds like they may be having a little too much fun. Jeff Daniels, Hope Davis, James Gandolfini and Marcia Gay Harden spoke to reporters this morning about the play, which concerns two couples who lock horns over a playground altercation between their two children. Daniels explained that the play is about "people behaving badly... under the civility and the manners and all of that... people are fully capable of tearing each other's heads off... It's really funny when we start going at each other."

Midway through our conversation, Harden burst out in laughter remembering something Gandolfini had done earlier in rehearsal and explained the usual mood; “One day James says something and we’re on the floor laughing, we can’t get on with our lines. The next day it’s Jeff, the next day it’s Hope, the next day it’s me… It’s just the feeling of being together when we’re together. All of us just feel like, how in this moment of crazy outside world do we get to be in this bubble talking about this crazy inside world?”

Gandolfini saw the London version of the play and “begged” them to bring it to New York. He said, “Sometimes you’ll see a play and you’ll see people coming out like, ‘Whew, that was a long time.’ These people came out and were really energized and that was something I wanted to be a part of."