This was a banner week for the Girls of GIRLS, with Shosh, Hannah, and Jessa vying for the Top Tone-Deaf spot. It's good news, in a way, because at least one character might have gotten the talking-to she needs to push forward, and it also reminded us that these characters really are as self-involved and awful as we thought they were.

Hannah and Fran, who are somehow still together, are heading out of town in an RV together for the summer. "It's just us for the next three months," Fran says, and you can see the terror flick across Hannah's face. Hannah, who is wearing pajamas, runs into a rest stop bathroom and TEXTS FRAN FROM THE BATHROOM that she doesn't want to go on the trip anymore, or even be in a relationship with him, and she doesn't know how to get out of it. Probably running through the woods isn't the most adult way to communicate dissatisfaction with a partner, but okay. Fran storms off, taking the RV with him, and Hannah is finally alone.

She calls Marnie, who's at a recording session with Desi, who, yes, is still on this show. She calls Jessa, who doesn't pick up. And so, Hannah turns to Ray, who drives an hour and a half in his coffee truck to rescue her. "If you have the impulse to run away in your pajamas, that's a pretty strong response," he tells her. "You have to trust your gut." It's good advice, and it's better than some of the so-called words of wisdom Hannah's been dealt regarding Fran. Marnie and her mother, for instance, pushed her to stay with him, because he was "nice" to her and because the alternative meant being alone.

So that's a nice moment, and THEN Hannah pulls one of the most Hannah moves she can, which is that she decides to give Ray road head "to say thanks." Ray protests, but not really enough, and because road head is dangerous, his truck tips over. Ray is, of course, pretty mad, since he didn't really want Hannah to blow him, and now he's out mad bucks because his truck is busted up. It's sticky territory here—Ray did protest, and I can't help feeling troubled about where this scene would stand if the genders were swapped. GIRLS skates right over that weirdness, though, and Ray yells at Hannah for costing him $50K. "Are you mad because you couldn't get hard?" Hannah asks, because Hannah is, obviously, the worst.

What Hannah's really upset about, at this point, is that Adam and Jessa are together, a fact confirmed when Hannah calls Jessa to try to get a ride. Indeed, when Hannah gets a ride with a stranger—a stranger with a gun, in fact, who is running away from his abusive girlfriend—she tells him she's more upset about Adam and Jessa than she is about breaking up with Fran.

While Hannah deals with her shit, Shosh, pale and dead-eyed, has returned from Japan, fully unprepared to participate in the human cesspool of misery that is a New York-area airport. She runs to ex-boyfriend Jason Ritter's "place" and tells him—while eating omikase sushi and drinking sake—that she's thinking of going on welfare because she doesn't have a job. "You complained the entire time we were together about all your unemployed, entitled friends, and you're actually the worst of all of them," Jason Ritter tells her, but it isn't really true, since all her friends seem equally terrible, at this point. But they are all suffering for it now, so there's a chance that they can grow.

There's not much Marnie in this episode, but we do meet Desi's new lady, played by Lisa Bonet. Lisa Bonet is basically the Mimi-Rose Howard in this story arc, if only in that she makes Marnie seem wholly sympathetic. Actually, Marnie's beginning to stand out in this season as the most sufferable GIRL, particularly after her capsule episode a few weeks back. Marnie, at least might be growing up.

Last but not least, Adam visits Laird and niece Baby Laird (whose name is... Sample) and finds out his sister, Caroline, has disappeared. She left Laird a note that fell behind his fridge, telling him she's been "wracked with inexplicable guilt and shame." Caroline is suffering from postpartum depression, something that was hinted at earlier in the season, and her response, it seems, has been to flee. Laird leaves Baby Laird with Adam, who enlists Jessa to help him. Jessa isn't good for this sort of thing, unsurprisingly. "I've never held a baby!" she tells him when he hands Sample over to her to run to the bathroom, and you know this is just going to be a mess.

Mostly, Jessa uses this time to ponder whether she feels bad about going behind Hannah's back, but since Adam's sister has disappeared and abandoned her child, he's not really in the mood to take care of her. Jessa freaks out when the baby pukes on her and whines at Adam that he has to help her, and it seems, for now, that the curtain has lifted. "You're an adult. She's a baby," Adam tells Jessa calmly. "Why do you need more help than a baby?"

As is all-too-often the case, there was a lot going on here in an episode that was only 29 minutes long. I would have liked to have spent a little more time with, say, Shosh and Adam, but it feels like she got cut down because of all the Hannah madness, and it's hard to know quite where we're headed before the final two episodes. Hopefully the writers will dig into Caroline's disappearance and depression a little more, and perhaps an amp will fall on Desi and crush him.

Some notes:

  • "Why don't you just call an Uber?" "No, I got kicked off the app for having a too-low rating, you know that."
  • Jessa's voicemail message is trying a little too hard, methinks.
  • I do love Laird and Baby Laird matching rasta hats.
  • "I know how much you hate being outdoors."
  • Jessa will be my style icon for the rest of my life.
  • "So now I don't deserve food stamps because I'm Jewish." Oh, Shosh.
  • Ray is still very protective of Hannah, which is adorable.
  • The safety call was a good idea, good job team Hannah/Marnie.
  • It took me a while to place him, but Hector is played by Guillermo Díaz, who's currently on Scandal but who I remember as Guillermo on Weeds. I miss Weeds.

Next week: A two-part finale!