Last week on Game Of Thrones, our minds were blown by the dread Red Wedding. This week, Jon and Ygritte had a painful break up, Arya vented a bit, and Daenerys moshed. Since the show is all about how people jockey for power, we've decided to follow along this season with our Game of Thrones Power Rankings—aka, who is owning this week.

Game Of Thrones Power Rankings, Week 10:

1. Daenerys Targaryen: She ends the season in a pretty good place, greeted as a liberator by the former slaves of Yunkai. Also got to recreate the "Even Flow" music video as our closing shot of the season.

2. Tywin Lannister: As we expected, Tywin orchestrated the whole Red Wedding coup. And then he told Tyrion how not killing him as a baby was his greatest personal sacrifice. Ice cold.

3. Roose Bolton/Walder Frey: Oh, you fellas want to twirl your moustaches a bit longer? At least until all those Stark bloodstains are removed? Proceed.

4. Joffrey Baratheon: Got sent to his room without supper after he dared to stand up to his grandfather. At least he didn't kill any puppies!

5. Stannis Baratheon: He's still kind of a drip, but he has renewed purpose after he learns of the danger of the White Walkers. He may turn out to be a hero yet (an incredibly serious, dutiful, drippy hero).

6. Ser Davos: After learning to read, saving Gendry, and standing up to Melisandre, he has now ascended to the mantle of 'most decent man in Westeros.'

7. Cersei Lannister: We learned this week that she was once happy, and even Joffrey can't take that away from her. But maybe she'll be a little happier now that her brother-lover is back. Probably not, but still.

8. Melisandre: For the last two seasons, it was all shadow babies and killing your enemies and sacrificing innocents to the Lord of Light...and now the War of the Five Kings doesn't matter?

9. Tyrion Lannister: Training Podrick Payne to become a better drinker is probably a more fruitful endeavor than trying to get Sansa not to hate him at this point.

10. Bran Stark: Hung out with Jon Snow's soulmate Samwell without getting annoyed at him, and magically dropped his voice a few decibels. What can't this kid do!

11. Hodor: The best moment of last night's episode was Hodor blushing when he realized someone had heard of him.

12. Jon Snow: Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you have three arrows in your back. Ygritte is a romantic, isn't she.

13. Arya Stark: Con: seeing your brother's body with his direwolf's head. Pro: stabbing the shit out of some rank-and-file soldier.

14. Jaime Lannister: And the Kingslayer returns home a broken, bearded, handless man. But at least he gets a reunion with his sister-lover filled with meaningful shuffling and pained eye contact.

15. Sansa Stark: Damnit. Just when things were going so well with Tyrion and the dung revenge plots, she finds out about her family...

16. Samwell Tarly: We owe young Samwell an apology for getting so angry with him after he left the Dragonglass that killed the first White Walker in "Second Sons" behind in the snow. We didn't realize he had plenty more of them. But really, isn't it Samwell's fault we didn't know that? It's always Samwell's fault.

The Viserys Targeryen Memorial Least Power Person Of The Week Award: Theon Greyjoy Reek—After a season of tedious psychological and physical torture at the hands of the literal and figurative bastard Ramsay Snow, Theon's transformation into Reek seems...reasonable. It just sucks that he had to become an SNL sketch for that to happen.

Rickon Watch 2013: Did Rickon Do Anything? He and Osha are off on their own adventures now. After last week's emotional outing—in which he got a few actual lines—we can't blame Rickon for taking a well-deserved rest. It's exhausting having dialogue.

Not Applicable: Since this was the season finale, we had a chance to check in with a lot of characters, wrapping up some storylines (Yunkai, Jaime/Brienne's journey) and starting new ones (Stannis and The Wall, The Iron Islands attempt to rescue Theon). Nevertheless, we didn't have time to see everybody: the Brotherhood Without Banners; Littlefinger; the whole Tyrell clan; and of course, the little-seen Mance Rayder.

This wraps up possibly the best season of Game Of Thrones yet. Until next season, let's revisit the world's worst bedtime story ever: