One of the most surreal and idiosyncratic television shows of the early-'90s was "Fishing With John," a short-lived reality show that debuted before reality shows were really a thing. The premise was simple: eccentric indie actor and musician John Lurie would go fishing with his famous weirdo friends in exotic places. Lurie was no fisherman, and his celebrity guests usually weren't either, and so, as in life, fishing was just a pretext to get a couple of guys to hang out on a boat far from their "normal" lives. The results were almost always absurdly funny, as was the show's intro:

Lurie created, wrote, directed, starred in, and composed the music for the series, which originally aired on IFC and Bravo cable channels for six half-hour episodes. On November 8th, Williamsburg's Nitewhawk Cinema will screen four episodes: The Tom Waits one, in which Lurie and Waits fish for red snapper in Jamaica. (We are particularly fond of this one because Waits stuffs a live fish down his pants, if memory serves.) They're also screening the episode with Willem Dafoe, in which the protagonists go ice fishing in northern Maine, and both Dennis Hopper episodes, which concern "the search for the mythical and elusive giant squid."

Immediately following the screening, the audience is invited to stick around for a Q&A with John Lurie moderated by Devon E. Levins, host of the weekly film soundtrack radio program Morricone Youth on East Village Radio. Levins seems uniquely qualified for the job, having conducted a series of in depth interviews with Lurie over the past year focusing on his film soundtrack work and time spent leading The Lounge Lizards. Lurie will also field questions from the audience.

Tickets, which cost $16, are on sale now.