Did the Wall Street Journal post an Onion News Network video by accident? Nope, they actually went to Williamsburg to "get the skinny on skinny jeans for men" (their words). The video is after the jump, and at 48 seconds in you'll meet the guy who started it all (how exciting!), he says he's been wearing skinny jeans "forever," but he adds that it only became a trend in 2003ish, after it was already a trend in the '60s, or sometime before Uniqulo started carrying them. But he was born in them. He also gives a big "WTF?!" look to the camera later on when discussing the charlatans who wear their skinny jeans with sneakers. Well, with a little help from Darwinism, the skinny jean set won't make it through the century, doctors have repeatedly warned against how they cause tingling thigh syndrome (especially when worn with uncomfortable shoes).