There's a great article about the wonderful retail space, Emerge NYC, at 65 Bleecker Street, in the NY Times. While Gothamist has taken into wandering into Emerge NYC during our lunch hour, ooh-ing and aah-ing over hot messenger bags, delicate earrings and cool clothes from young designers. Started by Nicholas Petrou, who created The Market NYC, which is at 268 Mulberry Street and most people call "The Young Designers' Market," it allows new talent to have a retail presence, but without paying the crazy retail rents for space they may not need. The designers pay a $1500-2500 per month for open boutique spaces (26 spaces total, 50-150 square feet), with counter space going for $450-650 a month. There are three dressing rooms with mirrors inside, and the designers are really helpful (although Gothamist felt bad after we tried on three things and didn't buy any of them).

Either way, it's just a nice way to see how shopping might be. And 65 Bleecker Street is the only building in New York designed by Louis Sullivan. And the offerings range in price, but are similar to (if not less expensive) than many other boutiques in the neighborhood; we lusted after Marjorie Victor jewelry (one necklace was $110), while on the lower end, we got three awesome t-shirts from Visible Elephant 47 for $30.