A "nerd shantytown" has settled on Second Avenue in anticipation of the return of Doctor Who. Fans have reportedly been lining up outside of the East Village Cinemas on Second and 12th since last night for a chance to see a sneak peak of the rebooted British mainstay's sixth season (which returns to BBC America on the 23rd). After years of the Doctor being one of those things that the Brits obsessed about and Americans scratched their heads over, it seems that the times are changing in favor of the Time Lord. We haven't seen a line like this one since Apple dropped the iPad 2.

The last report we've seen has the line going from the corner of Second and 12th all the way to Third Avenue and 11th Street for the 7 p.m. premiere (which is followed by a Q&A with the cast and crew). To be fair, they've certainly got great weather to be sitting outside... though we aren't quite sure about the people who camped out last night.

Having seen the season premiere already (we're jealous of ourselves, too), we can at least say affirmatively that the fanboys (and girls!) won't be disappointed. Earlier today the show's executive producer Steven Moffatt told us that he aims to make each episode like a movie at the beginning with a serial-like cliffhanger at the end, and the two-part premiere—set in 1969 with Richard M. Nixon playing a major role—does exactly that. There are scary new villains (the Silence), new tricks, old tricks, the death of a major character and the return of Alex Kingston as the enigmatic River Song. It's just a shame that the theater isn't "bigger on the inside" like the TARDIS—because some of those on line are surely going to be disappointed (until the episodes air on TV in two weeks).

Want up-to-the-minute coverage of the line before the show? There's a blog for that. And we'll have a lot more from our talk with Moffatt in the future.