A month after Stephen Colbert became the future host of The Late Show on CBS, Comedy Central has announced who will follow Jon Stewart: It will be The Daily Show's Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore.

The show will be called The Minority Report and it will be produced by Stewart's production company. Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless said, "We are thrilled to be expanding our relationship with Jon Stewart and Busboy Productions, and are looking forward to the world getting to know Larry Wilmore even better. He’s a spectacular talent in front of and behind the camera. ‘The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore’ follows in the Comedy Central tradition - bringing new perspectives to the day’s events and breaking ground in the world of late night television."

According to the NY Times, "The idea is to have a panel of those voices led by Mr. Wilmore, commenting on the issues of the day — but in a comedic, scripted format, Ms. Ganeless said. “We are so excited to have a fresh idea for late night.” She emphasized that the panel would not simply address minority issues, but any and all issues, except from minority points of view. The show will work out the specifics of the format over the next eight months, Ms. Ganeless said."

Wilmore is a well-known comedian, writer and producer co-created The PJs with Eddie Murphy and the truly wonderful The Bernie Mac Show with Bernie Mac. Stewart said, "While Larry Wilmore is a brilliant comic and showrunner, this is all just a complicated ruse to get him to move to New York and turn him into a Knicks fan."

Wilmore, who is a native Angeleno, said, "I’m beyond excited to have this chance to continue my relationships with Comedy Central and the brilliant Jon Stewart. I love the city of New York and promise to only wear my Laker T-shirts when I’m layering."

The Colbert Report's last episode will be December 17. The Minority Report will premiere in January 2015.