Last night the final preview performance of the Broadway revival of Bye Bye Birdie was halted for about 20 minutes when the electronically controlled set failed to clear during a scene change. The curtain fell, and star John Stamos came out to the footlights to stall for time. Fortunately for him, inimitable cut-up Don Rickles was in the audience cracking wise. "I'm too old for this," Rickles shouted from the orchestra section. And as the delay dragged on, Mister Warmth grew increasingly impatient, yelling, "I came here for a night, not a weekend!" Rickles also told that hippie Stamos to get a haircut.

Stamos's Full House star Bob Saget was also in the house, and according to Entertainment Weekly he "awkwardly" climbed up on stage to riff with Stamos. Speaking through the mic rigged to Stamos’s forehead, Saget quipped, "I’m really glad your crotch is not miked." Hey-oh! Bye Bye Birdie costar Gina Gershon (swoon) finally appeared to help buy time; Saget requested "something from Showgirls," but apparently all she did was "a quick feathering of her hands in front of her face." Too bad the Olsen twins weren't there!