Taste the happy people: we finally feel comfortable embracing the fact that we live in a world where we can talk openly about the long-promised return of Arrested Development without incurring the wrath of the jinx gods. But Ron Howard made two especially exciting tweets today, including one with showrunner Mitch Hurwitz standing in the writer's room. And star Jason Batemen also tweeted a photo of himself, Hurwitz and Howard together: "Taken at AD mission control, today! All systems are go. Filming for the new episodes starts in four weeks. Woo!"

Earlier this year, a Netflix deal was put into place, and the cast and crew announced they were preparing to film a 10-episode fourth season this summer—with a movie planned afterwards. During the National Association of Broadcasters convention, Hurwitz revised that, saying we may even get MULTIPLE new seasons. It's still unclear whether a movie will be made, but all that matters is that in less than a month, new episodes of Arrested Development will be underway. And we can all stop blaming 9/11 for delaying it.