The long-awaited fourth season of Arrested Development inspired quite a few mixed emotions from longtime fan—we know the fragmented season was ingenious, but we're still not sure whether it was funny. Regardless, the cast and crew are hoping to put together a new season for Netflix (and yes, a movie) within the next two years. In that spirit, most of the cast showed up at "Inside The Actors Studio" to visit Warden Stefan Gentles at his other day job.

The whole cast—minus Michael Cera, Tony Hale, and David Cross—were there for the taping on Thursday. Unsurprisingly, seven people is a lot for one episode, so the episode had lots of quick edits to try to cram as much in as possible. As EW recaps, it was revealed that Portia de Rossi was born Amanda Lee Rogers; creator Mitch Hurwitz claimed he had so many characters with similar names (George Michael, Michael Bluth, George Bluth, George Oscar/GOB, Oscar, etc) because he thought it would “compel you to pay attention”; Lipton got to speak with GOB directly; and Hurwitz told the story of how he (essentially) tricked Ben Stiller into appearing on the show.

Jason Bateman also said about the Bluths: "Mitch said early on, 'Our job as writers is to make these characters as despicable as possible, your job as actors is to make them as likable as possible.'" You can watch a bunch of clips here. And below, watch the cast take the Bernard Pivot Questionnaire, and talk about favorite and least favorite words, sounds, and swears, and what they want to hear if they meet God.

And in case you were worried about the future of AD after season four, Hurwitz admitted recently that he made some mistakes in how he presented the new episodes: "I felt in many ways, I did not prepare the audience for this,” he said. “Right before the show came out, I thought, I've really not said what this is, and what it had become was a novel. I had this unique opportunity here—people are going to get to watch eight hours of this, they’re not gonna spend the next six months of having it doled out to them…so the storytelling changed. That first episode became much more like chapter one of a novel than episode one of a series. And I didn't prep you guys—I'm really sorry about that."