VanityFair.jpg- Gothamist Arts has Sets and the City interviews with Ambulance LTD and Elkland, political comedy, and Mira Nair fest at AMMI. And don't forget Coolfer's Weekend Music Picks either.
- Ask Gothamist looks at long subway commute relationships and ending a lease
- Gothamist Sports tries to cover every single Olympic sport at least once during the Olympics (here's some basketball, gymnastics, and fencing)
- Gothamist Weather does its best to explain the grossness that is our daily weather
- Gothamist Food gives us recipes to try Hangar Steak) and the facts on recipes attempted (Miss Williamsburg Diner lasagna), plus a new place for shopping, and our new feature, Wine Matchmaker
- Gothamist Interview serves up some sexy interviewee this week, like Tristan Taormino

Other shout-outs: The Weather crew was mentioned in a Washinton Post article about weather blogs (yes, they do exist!) and our own Doug at Ask Gothamist is getting hitched soon (congratulations!).