Perennial Gothamist favorite Elizabeth Spiers has returned to blogging for the second time with Dealbreaker, a Wall Street finance blog. Expectations are set very high-- after her work at Gawker and Mediabistro, people are expecting a home-run. Jason Calacanis, for one, is bullish: "Anway, if I could buy stock in a person I would buy EZSP..." and Blogebrity has pre-lubricated and suspended all publishing in preparation for the launch: "Years from now, you'll want to be able to tell your kids you were someplace cool when the blog publishing world changed forever."

Gawker loves the site right out of the gate ("Yes, it would seem Spiers has quite a handle on this blogging business"), but we're not entirely convinced by this prose. For instance:

My father was beside himself when he heard I had applied to business school.

Being fairly good at predicting the sorts of things that would cause an outburst from my father by that time, I had wisely gone through the process without a peep to either of my parents, even as they pestered me about what I was going to do with my life. This was unusual, as neither of them really aspired to anything like a career of substance for me.

I suppose if I had asked, my father would have grudgingly written a fat check to start an art gallery or a boutique for me and cajoled his, admittedly substantial, social circle to buy things they did not want or need in order to give me "a start." In this case, "a start" was code for "find a husband to support you so we don’t have to."

Preach on sister! We can totally relate-- this whole boutique-gallery-husband track has really been wearing us out! What do you think? Do the first posts measure up? And does New York need another blog targeted at the super-rich? Sock it to us!