2007_02_eliotspitzer.jpgWe've stolen this post's title from the best email subject line we've gotten this year. According to Rogers Cadenhead's Workbench blog, us that the governor is working to gain control of the eliotspitzer.com and eliotspitzer.org domain names. Who had them? A NJ businessman named Eric Keller, who seemed to use the domains to direct traffic to one of his candy businesses. Keller has a history of cybersquatting, complaints about his business practices and defrauding the UPS. We bet Spitzer will have a grand time tangling with him!

Governor Spitzer did his first sit-down TV interview on Gabe Pressman's NewsForum. The transcript is already up (the show airs on Sundays at 6:30AM), and Spitzer discusses problems in the Democratic party, being a steamroller, and MTA fares. Pressman also wrote an online story about Spitzer's destiny.

And Mayor Bloomberg mentioned the governor in context of raising the failure-to-scoop-dog poop fines to $250. Mayor Mike said, "I have yelled out the window of the car, ‘Make sure you clean up after your dog!' And, as far as I know the governor's always done that," - Spitzer lives near the Mayor's Upper East Side townhouse. And the Mayor supports a $250 fine: "You should be able to walk down the street without stepping in dog excrement."