If there's snow, there's likely to be some sort of electrical shock potential. There were two instances of dogs, and their companions, being shocked. In Brooklyn Heights, one dog from a dog walker's pack was shocked on a sidewalk at Clark and Hicks Streets; Con Ed said the cause was "stray voltage" and now the issue was being dealt with, even though dog walkers have complained about that patch for two years. The dog, who is usually docile "because he is given Prozac to combat his hyperactivity," was jumping up and down and screaming. And a dog was shocked on East Third Street and Avenue A, from "errant voltage coming from an old piece of underground Con Ed equipment had electrified the East Village curb." Errant voltage? Stray voltage? Con Ed, who are you kidding?

Lately, Gothamist has been seeing more dogs wearing shoes or booties, like these Watson's Pet shoes, in this bad weather - not to mention seeing dogs in coats and sweaters. Can any readers whose dogs are now shod tell us if they are working? Do your dogs like putting them on? Or do they complain and argue with you to wear a different outfit?