The Times looks to see whether or not blogs with editors are really blogs, this after the Sacremento Bee's disclosure that they edit columnist Daniel Weintraub's blog. Many organizations have different approaches, so do edit, some don't. Spokesman Review managing editor says "his bloggers need no editing [since] most have 10 to 25 years of reporting experience and apply the tenets of good journalism to their Web logs." The Dallas Morning News doesn't edit their posts, "We have chosen not to edit posts because we believe the best blog entries are fresh, spontaneous and instant and that we are able to be fresh, spontaneous and instant without jeopardizing this newspaper's standards or this department's goals."

Gothamist would like to take the time to say the title of editor here at on this site only reflects the subject matter, as our typos and logic mistakes should make it very clear there is no real editing going on.