With the announcement that Radiohead would be opening the upcoming season of Saturday Night Live (tune in on September 24th), the immediate assumption was that the carbon-footprint friendly band would take the opportunity of being over here to play some shows. Because, you know, it's been a while. And now guitarist Ed O'Brien has, possibly accidentally, told the world that the band will indeed be touring, but not until 2012.

During an interview with an Argentinian music blog called Al Tuntún, O’Brien alluded to an upcoming tour, saying, "we’re gonna play these songs live, we’re booking some dates at the moment for next year."

We contacted their PR team to find out if this tour will include the U.S., and they told us "nothing confirmed as of yet." But it's their job to say things like that. So until the band comes stateside, we're just gonna revisit that time some of us didn't get in to MTV's $2 Bill Concert: