Gothamist went to check out Eric Clapton last night @ the Garden. Despite our copious complaints about the venue itself the show was worth the money we shelled out for our seats in the 400 section.

Opening up for Clapton was Robert Randolph (better known in the jamband scene), who plays a custom-made 13-string pedal steel guitar. He came back out for the encores of Sunshine of Your Love and Got My Mojo Working.

The concert itself included songs from his latest release, "Me & Mr. Johnson" as well as old crowd favorites from his earlier days (Layla, Cocaine, Let It Rain, to name a few). We've seen Clapton on several occasions in the past and this show certainly intermingled his song catalog more than any previously. He hit us with blues, rock, guitar ballads, an acoustic set. While our seats and the constant chattering of a random mustached drunk fellow in front of us (who danced the entire show with jazz hands) made us feel a little bit disconnected from the music, the energy was still's always an experience to watch Clapton as he, with ease, amazes those standing before him.

And yes, he did take out the replica of "Blackie" for a few songs (although for the most part he played the guitar to the right. That photo is from last night and what it doesn't show, is Clapton's kicks - which we loved).

Gothamist isn't much for polls like this, but we found it interesting that Rolling Stone named Eric Clapton as #4 of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, Robert Randolph came in at #97.